Penobscot Traditions, with Little Devil Fish

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.48.47 PMby Nicholas N Smith

The reader joins a Penobscot family, where Little Devil Fish gets to hear some of his favorite stories, as he learns the skills and social relationships described in detail, while family and friends move camp with the seasons.

A realistic narrative of Penobscot Indian life in the Maine woods before Europeans arrived, based on a lifetime of research by Nicholas N. Smith, PhD, who writes in the afterword:

“I accompanied Edwin Tappan Adney’s best friend, the late Peter L. Paul, a Maliseet Indian, to Adney’s cabin at Upper Woodstock, New Brunswick. We turned left off the highway, passing through a grove of tall pines that insulated the cabin from all road noise and isolated it from civilization,” continuing with personal insights into translation and linguistics. So the stories are all the more real.

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