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Penobscot Nation

The Penobscot Nation website – kkʷey (hello), and welcome to the home of the Penobscots”. . . . the oldest continuous government in the world . . .”

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Nibezun Project

The Wabanaki Cultural Preservation Coalition’s Nibezun Project will acquire, protect, and steward an endangered parcel of culturally significant land on the Penobscot River in Passadumkeag, Maine. This 85 acre parcel provides the only land access to the Penobscot Nation’s treasured Olamon Island and is an historic and current ceremonial ground and gathering place. In addition to the land’s palpable heritage, natural beauty and abundant wildlife, existing facilities on site will provide an ideal home for the Coalition’s diverse programming, supporting its mission of preservation, cultural exchange and educational outreach.

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US Department of Indian Affairs

The United States has a unique legal and political relationship with Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities as provided by the Constitution of the United States, treaties, court decisions and Federal statutes. Within the government-to-government relationship, Indian Affairs provides services directly or through contracts, grants, or compacts to 567 Federally recognized tribes.

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Founded in 1993 by tribal basket makers to save the ancient ash and sweetgrass basketry traditions among the Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot Tribes of Maine.

The Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance (MIBA) is a nonprofit Native American organization focused on preserving and extending the art of basketmaking within Maine’s Native American community.


Polar Bear & Company

Polar Bear & Company has been publishing high-quality works of cultural significance since 1998. They produce books that make a difference to our cultural heritage, creative economy and democracy, striving to enhance the quality of life through literature and art. Polar Bear is an imprint of  Solon Center for Research and Publishing  – the non-profit sponsoring this website, along with the generous help of Charles Norman Shay.